The health benefits of guavas!


Guavas are amazing fruits, very smelly, and incredibly delicious! Despite being a common food and relatively abundant in their preferred regions of growing (warm, semi tropical to tropical climates), they are an incredible medicine as well! I’m not sure you could pack more medicine into a tiny little fruit if you tried!

Guavas are from South America but you will find them all over the place in any tropical or semi tropical climate (like India and Asia). They come in a few colors- most popularly pink and white flesh!

Now, guavas are fantastic health foods! The list of benefits is so long with each benefit so amazing there was simply no way I could choose the most important!

So here we go:

1. Guavas are one of the most eco friendly fruits to grow (least pesticides et al sprayed to keep the fruits sellable)

2. They are high in fiber (from seeds and fruit) to aid in weight loss and digestion. The seeds are the kind of fiber that you can’t digest (insoluble) and therefore adds “bulk” to your stool to aid digestion. The fleshy tasty bits are the kind of fiber that you can digest (soluble) and therefore cleanses your system aiding in weight loss. 🙂

3. Guavas are a fertility promoter because of their copper content and their crazy density of nutrients!

4. Guavas are excellent post workout for muscle relaxation and healing (or just a hard day at work, ya know?) due to their nutrient content and specifically high magnesium!

5. Low in fructose sugars which makes them a great choice for sugar sensitives and diabetics!

6. Regulates metabolism.

7.Super nutritious packed with nutrients and minerals!

8. High in vitamin A which helps with:
–Improving vision, healing cataracts, and reversing macular degeneration even improving eyesight once degeneration has happened!

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