Strawberry Mylk

Sometimes nut milk (or animal milk) just doesn’t cut it and you need some PIZZAZZ! So grab some fruit and make that milk flashy and even more amazing than it was. In this case, make that milk pink like a naked mole rat’s wrinkly booty with some strawberries and tooth-friendly sweetener (stevia extract or ground leaves).

Here’s that fun and fabulous for the whole family (which makes you a fun, fabulous family) recipe:

Strawberry milk:
2 cups non dairy milk
1 cup organic strawberries
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp stevia

1. Rinse the strawberries (just because they’re organic doesn’t mean they’re clean).
2. Put the strawberries in the blender.
3. Add the non-dairy milk.
4. Add seasonings and spices accordingly (along with sugar if you’re using it).
5. Blend!
6. Serve or chill it and serve iced because where I’m at it’s hot and that sounds amazing.

But really, if you’re a mom like me, it looks more like:
1. Make delicious smoothie.
2. Immediately hand to your expectant child and watch wistfully as they enjoy themselves (sitting willfully on table optional)

I kid. 🙂 Babies can’t drink that much. Of course you’ll get some. 😉


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