Smoothie-tonin: A blend to lift your blues :)

A lovely follower asked me for a recipe to help with depression. I always love tips and alternatives for depression so of course I’m down to spend some time creating recipes! I can’t wait to share this one either!

I decided to turn this into a blog post instead of just a social media bite because I want to explain a bit about each part of the recipe and depression! 🙂

Now, if you’re depressed, I personally look at depression as lifestyle and physical or a combination of both. Lifestyle pertains to the people you keep around you and how you spend your time. If the people around you
are unsupportive or abusive, you will be depressed because it is hurtful and makes you feel exhausted if not also poorly. Ultimately this leads to a physical imbalance. What you need to keep yourself happy and healthy are the right balance of nutrients and health
promoting people and activities. That seems simple but I think in the day to day experience of life, it’s easy to forget and get caught up in the frustrations instead. While how to shift your life away from negative and ultimately depressing influences is a separate though equally important post, it’s important to acknowledge that without that shift, it will be hard to maintain positivity even with proper diet! Even so, there is a saying that goes:

Nourish the mind and the body will follow;
nourish the body and the mind will follow.

So I do believe that it is possible to make a manageable and significant improvement in your mental health with diet even if there are still other factors that contribute to the original frustration. 🙂 you must make a concerted effort and be quite mindful but it can be done and totally should! So the nutrients you need to feel happy and healthy- or in other words, to support the body processes that make you happy and healthy- are as follows:

B vitamins: promote energy and boost your mood and keep your mood steady (not high and low). A deficiency of b vitamins may show up as being tired and depressed. How would you know if you’re deficient? Aside from being tested, a good way to ask yourself if you’re probably low on B
vitamins is to ask yourself if you are under stress or if you are sometimes in stressful circumstances. If the answer is yes (which it most likely is) then you need to make sure to eat enough B vitamins! The foods you can find B vitamins in are: whole grains, bananas, potatoes, beans, nutritional yeast, and molasses. 🙂

Essential Fatty Acids: your brain needs these to function properly along with the rest of your body. You can’t make them yourself (unlike most other nutrients) so you have to eat them. It’s way too easy not to get enough EFA so it’s therefore way too easy to have a foggy brain that is tired, irritable, saddened, and otherwise not feeling up to par! Some sources of EFAs are: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cantaloupe, flax oil, walnuts and spinach for omega 3 fatty acids. For omega 6 EFAs, veggie oils work well and walnuts (again!)..

Amino Acids: these amino acids comprise neurotransmitters in the brain! Without them, your brain circuitry wouldn’t exist! Serotonin and dopamine which increase your mood are also synthesized from amino acids! So it’s really important to make sure you’re getting a good balance. 🙂 food sources include: seeds like sunflower and sesame, spirulina, bananas and cacao! There are a few different kinds of necessary amino acids but the above foods cover the spectrum of what is needed. 🙂

Carbs! Yes, it may be difficult to acknowledge due to misinformation in the popular market, but carbs are actually a great ally to your body and brain. Carbohydrates do 2 things: provide your body with energy (1) in a sustained and balanced manner (2). Refined carbohydrates won’t balance your body needs but natural, whole, unprocessed foods will never do you wrong. 🙂 Some foods that make good carbs are: leafy greens like dandelion, bananas and nuts and whole grains like oats.

Vitamin C- the
Immunity boosting wonder! Of course antioxidants help the body combat stress and free radicals (cells gone rogue and destructive) in the body. Keep nourished with vitamin c is easy as any citrus fruit will have plenty of the vitamin as well as leafy greens like dandelion. Vitamin C also make iron more absorbable and reduces anxiety which in turn reduces cortisol (stress hormones) and the greater issues caused by stress.

Nutrition: generally
nutrient rich foods will help your body function effectively and therefore it’s important to make sure that you’re getting a balance of nutrients. 🙂 Specifically selenium, magnesium and zinc which support immune system functioning, metabolism of hormones, healthy functioning of the thyroid, and relaxation, improved digestion, and healthy cell communication. Good sources of nutrition are foods that are chock full of nutrients like romaine lettuce!, selenium rich brazil nuts, magnesium rich foods like cacao and zinc rich foods like cacao, flax, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

And finally, last but not least, your body needs water to function properly! Coconut water is a helpful balance of the necessary waters as well as electrolytes and nutrients even though “plain” amazing water will do the trick and both are necessary to be healthful! Put these all together and you have the makings of a wonderful smoothie!

So without further ado, here is a recipe for a mood boosting smoothie you can drink as often as you please!

Blueberries: super high in antioxidants
Beets: contain lots of antioxidants and some amino acids
Bananas: contain lots of protein, amino acids, nutrients, and B vitamins
Flax/Hemp Seeds/Oil rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, protein and zinc
Walnut: high in
essential fatty acids and protein as well as other necessary nutrients
Brazil Nut: best source of selenium!
Cacao: high in magnesium, amino acids, and bliss inducing theobromine, and anandamide 🙂
Dandelion: cleansing, protein rich, and full of nutrients

1 cup blueberries 3 beets 3 to 5 ripe bananas
1 cup dandelion greens
1/2 cup hemp seeds or 3 tbsp hemp oil 1/4 cup walnut butter or 1/2 cup walnuts
1/4 cup Brazil nut butter or 1/2 cup Brazil nuts
3 tablespoons cacao powder
Optional 1 tbsp ground stevia to sweeten!
3 – 4 cups water or coconut water

1. Preferably juice the beets or use less beets to blend easier and not overpower the flavor. 🙂
2. If you’re using whole nuts and seeds, soak them ahead of time to deactivate enzyme inhibitors and also make them easier to blend!
3. Blend all the ingredients together and you have a tasty, healthy, happy smoothie!

I truly hope that this recipe brings you abundant health and happiness! I also highly recommend St. John’s Wort herb for depression and have found that hypericum perforatis is an
excellent ally in lifting sadness from the heart and mind. 🙂

There are so many great plant allies for your ailments especially ones that involve kicking your blues to the past. Lets keep creating healthful recipes to inspire and uplift each other! 🙂 And please let me know if you tried this recipe! Did it help you? Did you like the flavor?

Happy blending!

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