Papaya Health Benefits!


Papaya Appreciation Post! Papayas are well known for their digestive enzyme papain, but are there any other benefits? You betcha! Papayas are an amazing medicine that has been shown to greatly aid so many different aspects of the body! Like guavas, you will be amazed at the list of health benefits this other American tropical fruit has to offer!

1. Heals fevers including but not limited to your typical run of the mill bug all the way to the deadly dengue fever!

2. Clears up intestinal parasites and amoebic freeloaders! This also includes the skin ailment ring worm. Just rub some papaya on the ringworm and laugh at how simply amazing it is you never have to buy increasingly toxic doses of creams to help you in these areas!

3. Aids the healing and prevention of skin-based ailments. If you wonder if yours is included in the ailments papayas help, I have 2 answers for you- probably and go see for yourself! Specifically where papaya shines is with lesions and other wounds internal and external but it stands to reason that many ailments could benefit!

4. Papayas have anti-cancer properties: They help ward against oral cancer, lung cancer, and overall reduce risk of cancers!

5. Regulate blood pressure and reduce cholesterol in the blood!

6. Posses high antioxidant qualities.

7. Papayas are anti-parasitic, anti-amoebic to help with a host of difficult to deal with internal issues as well as external irritations (like ringworm mentioned above).

8. They help with adding bulk to poops

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