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Our 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge is a delicious way to get yourself the food you need to feed your body well and achieve your dreams and goals healthily, happily, and with energy to spare! Yes, it’s true! Green smoothies help set you on the path of bliss and health all while transforming your life for the better in many other ways!

Green smoothies are delicious, nutritious, and easy to make. That’s why you’ll see a lot of the health-oriented websites promoting green smoothies and asking you to get down with the greens too and we are definitely no exception as you can see!


What’s a Green Smoothie and What’s in it for You?

Green smoothies are like blended salads- a tasty cocktail of nutrition that you can drink on the run. Instead of having to choke down a salad the size of dinner plate, you can drink it instead! And just like salad which is fun to make and dress up, make the smoothies any flavor you like– chocolatey, sweet, savory, soupy… You just have to drink ’em!

Plus smoothies are an easy (and tasty) way to get more than your daily fiber needs, nutrition needs, and green servings in one simple smoothie!

Instead of struggling against the negative food habits in a toxic food culture, meet your nutrition needs and cleanse your body with healthy fiber-laden greens!


Why now?

If you’ve ever wanted to get back on track to your health in a way that is EASY, this is for you! Green smoothies are:

  • delicious
  • nutritious
  • easy
  • fun
  • fast

Mix, blend, and enjoy! It doesn’t get any easier to make healthy choices! While pills and vitamins can help fix some things, a smoothie is just as easy and even more effective! Take control of your health with the simple push of a button!


Sounds Too Good to be True…

Now I’m not saying that your health problems will instantly evaporate simply because you started drinking green smoothies. I’m also not going to tell you that you’ll lose weight or be bursting with energy as a guarantee– that would be dishonest.

The truth is: Every body is different! What happens to one person may not happen to another person. What one person wants is different than what another person wants– someone may want to lose weight while someone else may want to gain weight! You can only see the many benefits most people have experienced and see what happens!

Every person’s commitment and ability and lifestyle is different. And while you’re experiencing the massive shifts over the 30 days, take into account those details that make you who you are (and who you wish to be). Honoring your body is what this is all about and it also starts with honoring your mind!


Honor Your Mind

While your body may be ready for a change, you also have to get the mind on board too! You want to get on the 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge because there are many different benefits that people have experienced and because you will get the personal support you need to get started down the path you want to be on to accomplish your goals.

This is a challenge to help you see you can do it, but it’s also the journey to set sail on the seas of change armed with real information geared toward uplifting you toward your most radiant and beautiful self!

The mind also can’t function when it’s always stressed out and deprived of nutritive food and happy thoughts! You’ll be feeding your body real, healthy, and delicious nutritious foods in a way that you can enjoy! Even if you always liked salads and leafy greens you will just find a new way to saveur them! You will be giving your body so much nutrition and that will have a positive effect on you! No matter what you do, you will start to see that you crave the smoothies and their life enhancing benefits and your choices begin to improve on their own simply because you feel great drinking whole, nourishing foods.

Not to mention this is also a fast from waste. Pre-packaged foods aren’t just ecologically friendly, sane, or even very attractive. Eating cleanly doesn’t only make your body more clean and nourished, it also makes the earth cleaner by reducing the waste that’s produced from package, made-to-order, and pre-packaged foods. By clearing the literal and figurative clutter from your life, you become more focused, happy, and relaxed.

How Does It Work?

When you eat more nourishing foods, you crave junk food less. When you crave junk food less, you eat it less. When you stop eating junk food you start to see large shifts in your life like losing weight, gaining energy, sleeping better, less painful menstruation or hormonal fluctuations, mental dexterity, and less achy joints… the list is endless and unique to your constitution and health ailments or lack thereof.


The magic isn’t actually in the green smoothies– it’s in the foods being nourishing and amazing. Green smoothies provide relief to your body and sustenance during that period of transition from less healthy lifestyle choices to more healthy lifestyle choices.

To succeed on a green smoothie challenge is as simple as blending a few ingredients together and drinking it every day. Hey, even if you only drink half of what you blended, you’re still on the path toward positive change! The green smoothie is a quick and easy way for you to push yourself quietly, quickly and painlessly into the shift you’ve been struggling to reach.

So today, you will sign up and get email updates and or purchase your own Green Smoothie Guide 🙂


What are Some of the Benefits?

You’re sure to experience at least one of these benefits of drinking daily green smoothies:

  • lose weight
  • gain energy
  • glowing skin
  • heal from wounds faster
  • gain strength
  • better digestion
  • more regular bowel movements
  • less sensitivity to allergies
  • more endurance
  • more nutrition
  • get your daily veggie and fruit servings!
  • more hydration
  • save time
  • feel fuller, longer
  • improve indigestion
  • aide in healing and managing diabetes
  • decrease sweet cravings
  • support your health health
  • improve your memory
  • improve your mind
  • sleep better
  • have better sex
  • increase your immunity
  • decrease wrinkles and other signs of “aging”
  • and plenty more!

So what do you say? Are you ready for the challenge of your life? What do you think the benefits will be for you? What do you want to see?

We want to see you get there and strongly believe that the way to the “top” is with a green smoothie in your hand! Sign up to smoothie your way through 30 days with me, Sarah, while we all change our lives one sip at a time!

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