Dandelion Greens: Nature’s Toxic Avenger

Dandelion Greens: Nature’s Toxic Avenger!


Dandelions are an amazing plant: the roots, flowers, and leaves can be eaten and all have unique aspects to them! This is all about the dandelion greens as each part of the dandelion plant can easily have its own spotlight!

Dandelion greens are one of my favorite greens to use in my weekly menus. 🙂 you can use them in a salad (some lemon juice and oil dressing!) or in your green smoothies, and of course in your green juice! No matter how you eat these delicious greens, you will be getting a full range of benefits!


Dandelion greens have the following benefits:

1. High in calcium to help make your bones strong as well as keep an alkaline balance in your body!

2. Rich in iron to help reduce or eliminate anemia and get your recommended daily needs which can be challenging due to bioavailability in sources of iron and most foods having a low iron content to begin with!

3. Contains Vitamin C (boosts iron absorption btw), vitamin E and A abundant (which means high in antioxidants!!)

4. Excellent for cleansing and detox!

5. Affinity for cleansing and supporting the liver so even more fabulous for liver detox! 🙂

6. Mineral rich with significant: manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and potassium!

7. A complete protein with all essential amino acids and high in protein (14% protein!) to boot!

8. Excellent source of B vitamins! Which helps with boosting your mood and warding off the negative effects of stress!

9. Anti Cancer!

10. Anti-Inflammatory!

11. Helps with diabetes mellitus by detoxing the liver of hormones that interfere with sugar metabolism and sensitivity to insulin!

12. Helps with skin cancer by clearing the body of toxins, the skin is able to heal more effectively as your skin is the largest organ through which toxins are eliminated which exacerbates existing cancers.

13. Helps with improving circulation.

14. Supports healthy skin- not just reducing cancer but also increasing the overall health of the skin and reducing or eliminating acne!

15. Relieves water retention, edema and bloating.

16. Reduces premenstrual syndromes by clearing the body of excess hormones which can exacerbate PMS or cause it.

17. Can support the oral health of the mouth and is anti plaque (so chew some leaves today)!

18. Helps people with hepatitis or even jaundice (because dandelions love your liver)!

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