April Cleanse :)


It’s time to cleanse again! It’s officially spring and with that feeling of lightness it’s time to shed old winter and birth new spring, new year, new you!


There will be a simple protocol to follow for two weeks to help you reset, release, and renew! This simple protocol includes specially designed drinks, smoothies, and recipes to help you be more of what you came here for!

You will want to have a blender handy and there will be opportunities to include juices, teas, and even some delicious raw vegan foods into your experience over the two week period of time!

Without divulging the exact recipes, this cleanse is primarily raw, vegan, and eschews animal proteins. It also avoids refined foods like sugar and processed raw foods. This is truly getting to the core of your existence!

Daily there will be “insights” that get sent to you to help you go deeper and explore the excitement of your shift! You will also be included on a group email so you can, if you please, share your shifts with everyone on your wavelength as well! Cleanses are so much fun when shared!

Journaling and meditations are encouraged and guides to help you get started are included as well. 🙂

The energy exchange for leading you through this shift and providing information is $10.

So, for $10, you will be enjoying the following:
– daily emails
– group and personal (from me, Sarah) email contact and support
– recipes and meal plan
– inspirations for happiness
– meditation guide
– journaling topics

I hope you will join me in this inward journey toward stepping into your divine self!

If you have any questions, let me know via the contact page or leave comments here!


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